21st February 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

A one-day music conference aimed at the grassroots of the industry at the White Rock Hotel. Catch panellists from across the music business in conversation about the future of the music industry and attend workshops on a range of key elements including practical advice for gigging, the do's and don'ts of promotion, building a fan base, securing management and funding and how to develop a sustainable career.

Panel I - Debut - 10.30am-11.30am

For musicians and song writers just starting out this panel looks at local opportunities for mentoring and support at an early stage. Offering information and advice about how to develop musically, where to play live, and how to make your first recording.

Panel 2 - Breaking through - 11.45am - 12.45pm

What does it take to break an artist? In this panel, chaired by BBC Introducing the South presenter/producer Melita Dennett , we will look at what artists need to consider when developing a sustainable career in the music industry including:

  • Management or DIY?
  • Making the most of your releases
  • Radio play and streaming
  • Getting festival and support slots
  • The importance of developing your fan base
  • The do's and don'ts of pr and social media

Panel 3 - Songtrust Presents: What Is A Music Publisher and Do You Need One? 2.00 - 2.45

If you write songs then you might be aware that songwriters often sign publishing deals...but what does this mean? What does a publisher do, do you need one and how do you get one? How do you make sure you're collecting all the royalties you're due as a songwriter?

Lara Baker of Songtrust explains the role of a music publisher and your options as a budding songwriter.

Panel 4 - Resilience and Well being in the Music Industry - 3 - 4pm

We work in an industry with seemingly constant pressure, one where adulation and criticism can be a daily occurrence. Financial and emotional risk are almost a prerequisite for artists and those who seek to champion them, and moreover there is often little security, structure or sense of longevity to much of it. It can be a tough gig, and that’s not always easy to deal with both mentally and physically. Here we consider the specific challenges the industry presents to our well being, and how we can help ourselves and each other to better cope.

Key note Q & A - Singer and Broadcaster TOM ROBINSON (BBC Radio 6 Music) 4.15 - 5pm

'Giving Up The Day Job'

Born in Cambridge in 1950, Tom Robinson first became known in the late 1970s as a musician and LGBT activist with the Tom Robinson Band (TRB) who were early supporters of Rock Against Racism and Amnesty International. In 1977 their Top 5 debut release 2-4-6-8 Motorway became one of the landmark singles of the UK punk era.

Other hits included Glad To Be Gay, Up Against The Wall and the band's debut album Power In The Darkness which went gold in the UK and Japan. As a solo artist Tom had further solo hits in 1983 with War Baby and Atmospherics: Listen To The Radio, and co-wrote songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John and Dan Hartman.

As a radio broadcaster, over the last 30 years Tom has hosted programmes on all eight of the BBC‘s national radio stations and won two Gold Sony Academy Radio Awards. He currently hosts three shows a week on BBC Radio 6 Music, was a member of the Ivor Novello Awards committee for ten years and in 2016 was awarded a fellowship of LIPA in recognition of his support for new music artists through BBC Introducing. His music blog at Fresh On The Net currently offers an open door to new tunes and free insider advice for independent and emerging musicians.

Panelists include:

  • Melita Dennett - BBC Introducing the South
  • Lara Baker - Songtrust
  • Ed Frith - Head of Live at DLWP
  • Stuart Belsham - PRS (Performing Rights Society)
  • Leo O’Brien- PPL
  • Andrew Ames - PPL
  • Sally Greig - Director of Eggtooth and Incubate
  • Yair Katz - Music therapist
  • Jeff Thompson -Un-Convention
  • MC Deezer - Artist
  • ARXX - Artist
  • Tasha Bloom - Artist/ #OKAYMovement
  • Siddy Bennett - Singer/Songwriter
  • Elisha Edwards- Singer/Songwriter
  • Aidan Culley - Help Musicians UK

Un-Convention is a UK based global music network and development agency. Their events and projects bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. Through this they develop new and innovative approaches to building sustainable careers and alternative models for the music industries

TICKETS: £10 day ticket

Under 18s free with promo card!

VENUE: White Rock Hotel 10am - 5pm