Sonics 2020 - Saturday

22nd February 2020

A two-day celebration of experimental music, sound art and film.

Saturday 22nd Feb 1pm - 5.30pm - FREE ENTRY

Blackmarket VIP

  • Crunchy Bat
  • Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Grassy Noel & APE

St Mary in The Castle:-

  • Abstract Source
  • David Toop & Rie Nakajima
  • Project Dark: Records from the Archive
  • Mordant Music: Travelogues

PLUS check out the FREE workshops running throughout the day

Saturday line up at the Black Market VIP PM

Saturday 22nd Feb 8pm - 2am

Day Tickets: £10 Weekend saver £16

  • Plaid (live/AV) - headliner
  • Leila (DJ Set)
  • Johanna Bramli
  • Massicot
  • plus Sonics DJs

Thee Sunday Sonics was initially put together in 2015 by Hastings-based artist and musician Danny Pockets as a free entry event within the Fat Tuesday weekend, designed to bring a more experimental element to one of Britain’s most popular music festivals. In the intervening five years the event’s reach and time frame has expanded as its name has got shorter, migrating and mutating between different venues in the town - from Compendium Studios and The Old Chemist in St Leonards-on-Sea, to the Observer Building, Borough Wines Basement and Printworks Hastings and, to Blackmarket VIP in the heart of Hastings Old Town in 2019, where the bulk of this year’s action will also take place - without ever compromising its distinctive identity.

Central to Sonics’ particular character is the rare equilibrium it maintains between music and visual presentation, with video and digital installations, sonic art and sculpture integrated into the very fabric of each year’s venue, and special care taken to ensure accessibility for interested locals of all ages and social backgrounds to every part of the creative process. In moving the event on since the sad death of its founder in March 2018, Danny Pockets’ former co-curator, local electronic musician and promoter James Weaver, and the rest of the Sonics team have taken particular care to maintain Sonics’ commitment to exploring the collaborative potential of both established and as yet undiscovered creative communities.

For 2020, the event includes additional artists, installations, visual content, workshops and events selected by co-curators Lucy Kork, Ben Thompson and the Sonics' visual team of Adam Seeley, Mauricio Vincenzi and Nick Weekes.

For 2020, our mission is to present the most musically diverse in Sonics’ illustrious history, stretching from local teenage experimental punk rock (Crunchy Bat/The Village Metronome) to a gallery style Saturday afternoon show by David Toop and Rie Nakajima at St Mary In The Castle, via internationally celebrated improvised jazz (Trevor Watts with Grassy Noel & APE), Swiss post-punk (Massicot), major electronic artists (Plaid/Leila/Johanna Bramli), and hip-hop acts with global reach (Gawd Status, DJ Food and Mr Thing).

We are committed to expanding on the inclusivity of previous years, maintaining a strong focus on female artists, with an equality of representation among artists and performers that makes a happy change from the male-dominated norm, and a sequence of workshops designed to disseminate Sonics’ gospel of boundary-free creativity as far and as fluidly as possible to all abilities, ages, genders and identities.

Sonics 2020 is supported by Arts Council England and sponsored by Hastings record shop, Wow And Flutter.

Sonics 2020 schedule


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