12th of June 2023

Under the Radar: SONICS TAKEOVER

Under the Radar is taken over by SONICS.

FRIDAY, JUNE 30th, 2023  7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
At the Brass, Havelock Road, Hastings. FREE ENTRY

Bringing you the best emerging artists from across the south east.

SONICS was created to showcase the underground and experimental art and music scenes in the South East. 


Last Living Cannibal
Effective Word Order


EONE: Brighton based producer, DJ and music lecturer working in London’s Point Blank Music School. With the ability to enhance any bass-heavy music style with his unique sound, Eone has become seen as one of the leading lights across the UK’s experimental Neogrime and Wave scene. Right off the bat from his Los Angeles debut for Tears in the Club, he has been securing prime-time DJ slots and last year played at Brussels and Prague shortly after. He has also just played his first ever headline show in Budapest. His latest EP on Kenyon Sound features a vocal from legendary Grime MC, Trim.

Having released on some of the scene’s favourite labels, including Plasma, Synes, Classical Trax, The Games We Play, Kenyon Sound, Crystal Orca and more, and shelling out an unrivalled stream of wardubs, expect a titanic blend of ethereal sonic soundscapes with a dystopian landscape of new-fashioned synthetic harmony and unpredictable drum punches.

LAST LIVING CANNIBAL: Art-rock original Allister Kellaway aka Last Living Cannibal released his On A Perfect Earth EP last winter. It came as the second step in the life of the Last Living Cannibal project, following 2021’s self-released debut album 7 Years, a whirlwind of live shows that included a support tour with Penelope Isles and journeying back and forth between Berlin to produce EERA’s acclaimed album Speak.

EFFECTIVE WORK ORDER: (sometimes stylised as ‘Eff-Or-Or’) is a solo ambient/noise/beats/multi-instrumental performance project, creating an immersive drone space rooted in the animal digital proto-sense, feeding on its own personal fragility and indecision. ‘Effective Word Order’ approaches musical activism, and essential embracing of any form and sound that emerges as an attempt at rediscovering the disputed core.”