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20th December 2017

Hastings Fat Tuesday means colour, costume, creativity and carnival spirit in abundance, and in all these our Mardi Gras Monarchy leads the way, including literally leading the hugely popular Umbrella Parade.

Now it’s your chance to show us what you’re made of by getting in character and putting yourself forward for the 2018 Mardi Gras Monarchy.

We have four non-gender specific roles up for grabs: The King, The Queen, The Knave and The Slut, who will be at the forefront of the UK’s largest Mardi Gras celebration. Duties will include leading the Umbrella Parade and representing Hastings Fat Tuesday at spin-off events.

Apply online telling us how you plan to unleash your inner carnival spirit, and share your Mardi Gras Manifesto! There is also the option to send us a short video (max 30 seconds) on why you have what it takes to be Mardi Gras King/Queen/Knave/Slut.

The four winners will each receive a coveted Passport to Hastings & St Leonards, entitling them to a plethora of gifts and freebies from across our great town.

Entries will be shortlisted by the Hastings Fat Tuesday team and the final decision on the 2018 Mardi Gras Monarchy will be made via a live ballot vote on the night of the Mardi Gras Grand Ball (Saturday 10th February 2018 at St Mary in the Castle). Contestants may apply for one character only.

Click here to apply online. Applications close at midnight on Saturday 6th January, otherwise known as Twelfth Night - when the carnival season traditionally gets underway.

Another name for the Twelfth Night is ‘Kings Night’, and the Hastings Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Monarchy is inspired by the historical tradition of the Twelfth Night Cake or ‘King Cake’ whereby a ‘King’ and other characters would be allocated by dividing a cake containing tokens.