5th of August 2022


All tickets available HERE.


We are thrilled to announce that our Friday and Saturday headliners are two highly regarded and unique artists in the world of electronic music. On Friday 21st October, legendary Detroit electro visionaries Dopplereffekt present their new live AV show ft. Maria Mendes while on the evening of Saturday 22nd October, Ceephax Acid Crew aka Andy Jenkinson sets sail for Hastings to bring the rave to a town that knows how to party, scattering his live hardware, old-school acid among the Sonics massive.

This is just the start and we can’t wait to share more with you in the weeks to come, including the FREE programme ranging from experimental turntablism, cutting edge electronica, post-punk, jazz, improvised explorations, bass music and noise to workshops, art, talks, films, installations and more!

Sonics is produced by Hastings Fat Tuesday and was originally conceived by local artist Danny Pockets in 2015 (who sadly passed away in 2018) to bring together and showcase the underground and experimental art and music scenes in the town. It provided an opportunity for the wider Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea community to discover and experience the diverse range of music, art, film, installations and more, existing outside of the mainstream. Since then, the event has continued to grow and develop, moving onwards from a one-day session to a multi-venue event across the Hastings Fat Tuesday Music Festival weekend. Sonics 2022 will be the first time the event has stood alone as a unique festival of its own.

Sonics 2022 continues to build upon the success of three previous events held in the first half of the year, the locally focussed Sunday Sonics all-dayer during the Hastings Fat Tuesday Music Festival and two successful one-off shows with Dhangsha, Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, Codex Serafini & Slum Of Legs. The three-day October event presents a diverse and vital line-up ranging from internationally renowned and legendary live acts to cutting edge, underground musicians, artists and DJs.

The underlying commitment and focus of the Sonics team remains that of offering audiences an event that is open and accessible to all, diverse, exciting and most importantly fun. Daytime sessions remain FREE entry while the evening sessions will be ticketed and include late night DJ sessions.


Who controls the mind controls the body.

After three years of experimentation in isolation, Dopplereffekt have emerged with Neurotelepathy, an oracular narrative of cerebral entanglement and advancement. The sleek mathematical models of 2017’s Cellular Automata have evolved into these synaptic interpretations, transferences and modifications, rejecting binary expectations to meditate on the possibilities and pitfalls of what’s to come.

With their second LP and fifth release in total on Leisure System, the duo of Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan have themselves achieved a near- telepathic capacity for collaborative thought and mechanical construction. They continue to use live appearances to present experimental trials of theoretical models, and that effort is heard in the sizzle and swing of the percussive highlights here, programmed with a serious depth and wriggle that reflect both an extension of and return to form. Considerations of the machine-human interface, neurological realities and physical probabilities dominate. But these tracks are economical and precise, glittering with emotional depth and cinematic effects. The album’s core, a three-act movement of symphonic uncertainty and revelation, marks one of the pair’s most evocative compositions in a career full of them.

Territory is monitored, traced and scanned, resulting in unexpected modulations. Underlying systems are questioned, competing mindsets animated and mutated: brain-to-brain, brain-to-machine and beyond. Neurotelepathy processes these transformative mental, psychological and transgenerational states both traumatic and triumphant.


Dance producers nowadays are inclined to go on stage with a laptop under their arm and then stare at the screen. Not Andy Jenkinson, alias Ceephax Acid Crew. Ceephax drags his studio to every performance, puts a stack of drum computers and synths on stage and every track is performed live. While he scatters his acid over the audience, he also wants to have a conversation with them.


Tickets go on sale at 9.30am on Friday 5th August.

Weekend tickets, which include both evening events, as well as guaranteed priority entry to all free daytime sessions, are being released for £35 for the whole 3 days HERE. These Weekend Tickets are limited to 300 in total.

Tickets for the Friday evening event with headliner Dopplereffekt live/AV ft Maria Mendes (full line up to be announced) are available for £20.

Tickets for the Saturday evening event with headliner Ceephax Acid Crew (full line up to be announced) are available for £20.

All daytime sessions are free entry but limited capacity – a free ticket must be obtained.

All tickets available HERE.