HFT 2010

16th February 2010

The First year that the Mardi Gras celebrations in Hastings became Hastings Fat Tuesday!

In New Orleans and Rio they call it “Mardi Gras”, in Venice it is “Carnevale” and now Hastings has its very own “Fat Tuesday” (English for “Mardi Gras”) Traditionally occurring on Shrove Tuesday (this year it was the Tuesday 16th of February) which is the last day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, “Fat Tuesday” is a day for serious partying in some parts of the world. A chance for people to let their hair down before (in theory) observing the restrictions of Lent. Exotic costumes, masks, beads and make up can be found in abundance. This mass act of indulgence is the origin of the phrase “Fat Tuesday” as people prepare for the fast to come. Like so many of the Easter customs, Mardi Gras has ancient roots – possibly pagan including the Roman Lupercalia (also linked to Valentines Day) and Saturnalia. These ancient festivals were later incorporated into the Christian tradition of Easter.

“Fat Tuesday” became a new annual event to celebrate Hastings’ thriving music scene and raise much needed money for local charities – this year was for St Michaels Hospice. Sitting between Christmas and the traditional Hastings’ Spring, Jack-In-The Green Festival, “Fat Tuesday” provides a welcome reminder of why Hastings is such an entertaining place to live, providing a warming and great night out to experience some of the best entertainment the town has to offer.